Monday, July 30, 2012

Video Surveillance Reveals Mysterious Pregnant Woman's Actions

Associated Press (AP) --

This week, authorities have been puzzled by what's appearing on surveillance videos of the local Starbucks parking lot.

A pregnant woman, always encumbered by numerous handbags, keeps appearing in the parking lot.

The time of day will vary, but many other traits of her appearance remain consistent.

She always drives a red Mercedes and will always take the closest available parking space.  She never enters the store to buy coffee, but she always sits on the outdoor furniture for a moment to catch her breath.  She texts frequently on her phone, and she always meets a new individual. 

In a clandestine exchange of handbags and cash, the seemingly black market sale is finished within moments.  Both parties depart as quickly as they had arrived.

"We're not sure who she is or what she's up to," admitted Mr. John Tapport, owner of the local Starbucks.  "We have no idea why she brings with her so many handbags, and certainly they don't all match her outfit.  But my female employees insist that the handbags she carries are top-notch and probably highly sought after."

Efforts are being made now to install newer security cameras with zoom lenses on all four corners of the building.

Mr. Craig List, the local head of police, stated in a press conference this afternoon, "The new cameras will allow us to see in more detail the condition of these handbags.  If they are in good shape, it's very possible that we ought to intervene and insist that she either keeps them or accepts our better offer."

Witnesses are asked to call authorities if you have any information regarding this perplexing pregnant woman's motives or identity.