Saturday, July 07, 2012

Getting Ready for a New Career

I feel like I'm about to begin a new career.

All interviews are completed.  All background checks are done.  My paperwork has been approved and filed.  Now it's just a matter of time before the first big day.  Yikes.

My new career will be Motherhood.  For the time being, it'll be the stay-at-home kind.  I pray that God equips me with the energy and determination to not only care for our child but run this household like never before.  (Again...yikes!)

I want our bathroom to be spotless and our suppers to be scrumptious.  I want our laundry to be fluffy and folded.  I want our floors to be clean, our counters to be sterile, and our pennies to
 s t r e t c h .

But how does a girl perfect this craft when she's had no formal training on it?  They did not teach me this in grad school.

Missing prerequisites checkers my resume.  I still have trouble getting that pesky black mold out of our shower.  And life has been too busy for me to clean the toilet as often as I'd like to.

I don't see the wads of dog hair in the corners of our living room like Michael does, and sometimes I question the ethics of why one should bother to make a bed, pair together socks, or fold laundry when they will so quickly be undone anyhow.  (Seriously.  I think about this often and always have.)

Please pray for me, dear reader, that I can be the kind of homemaker I want to be!  God, help me to not stand in the way of myself being for my husband and child all that I can be.