Saturday, July 07, 2012

Finally Home!!

Oh, what a joy it is to step back on your home turf when you haven't been there in a while!

The house was just as we left it, and it welcomed us in.  The first order of my business would be embracing Macy with lots of doggie hugs and kisses.  Next, we unloaded quickly, then plopped ourselves on the couch for dinner and a movie. 

Eventually, I noticed this precious little sign that was left by Macy's water dish.  How cute!

My creative mother obviously left it for us to discover!  She and Dad took care of Macy in our absence this week.  She had tried to call us in an effort to allow Macy to hear my voice on the speaker phone, but my cell phone reception was sketchy while in Cape May and we never got the call.  Too bad!!