Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It was in the soup!

This week, Jenna and I were browsing through a second-hand shop.

When they saw our round, pregnant bellies, the two women behind the counter seemed to simultaneously call out, "Was it in the water?!"

To this we replied, "No, it was in the soup!"

And then we shared the very true story of how FOUR of us girls became pregnant shortly after enjoying delicious soup, which all came from the same, now legendary pot.

Coincidence?  We don't think so.  :)

It was mid-December, just before Christmas.  And this wonderful older couple had invited us all over to their house for a soup and salad supper.  It was freezing cold outside, but their house was warmed by their cheery disposition and a roaring fire.

Their intention was to connect together newly married Catholic couples, they explained.  Michael and I were delighted to meet Trevor and his lovely wife; Dan and his wife Jenna; and I was happy to encounter friends that I already knew, Matthew and Laurie. 

The evening was spent in good conversations and hearty laughs, and once it was Midnight, we all hugged and said good-bye.

But unbeknown to all eight of us, everything was about to change.  Each of us girls would soon discover that we were pregnant, all within 3 weeks of one another!

So beware of the the butternut squash soup that Mrs. West serves on Buchanan Avenue.  It's delicious and powerful stuff!!