Monday, July 09, 2012

Marian Meditation #1: Her Acceptance

With only 58 days left until the birth of our first child, I'd like to spend some time focusing on the attributes of the Mother of God in the hopes that maybe I can try to better to embody some of her virtue in my motherhood.

For this first meditation, I'd like to ponder the virtue of her acceptance.  She accepted everything that God gave her, from the moment God asked her to be the Mother of His Only Son all the way up to and including the present, where I do believe that she continues to intercede for her children from her location in Heaven.

She accepted every moment that she was given.  She was a complete handmaid of the Lord.  She gave of herself without reservation.  This initial virtue of acceptance truly beautified her.

I pray that I can become more beautiful by acquiring the virtue of acceptance also.  In particular, I think about the upcoming day of delivery.  I pray that I remember to be fully accepting of what my body needs to do, fully accepting of whatever physical feelings I experience from labor, fully accepting of husband's encouragement, and fully accepting of the guidance of our doctor and nurses.  And then, as the grand finale of that day, I pray to be fully accepting of my child with complete love, fully accepting of their gender (which will be a surprise to us), and fully accepting of that person's physical body (no matter how they look).

Mary, be with me now and on the day of delivery so that I can imitate your virtue of acceptance!  May I be ever pliable to the will of God!