Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In Search of the Perfect Cooler

This might sound really nerdy, but for the past decade, my eyes have been peeled for the perfect cooler.  And I haven't found it yet.

I'm not really ACTIVELY searching, but whenever I walk into a place that sells them, I think of my little mental list of traits that I'm hoping my perfect cooler will have. 

It must have:

1. a drain

2. a tall, extendable handle

3. good wheels

4. cup holders on its lid

5. costs $30 or less

4. And, when you walk with it, it leans TOWARD you so that you can stack more bags and things on top of it and bring them along for the ride!

But, unfortunately, all I've encountered have been disappointing models.  Dear reader, can you recommend a model to me?

No wheels.  No drain.  No sale!

Has all the traits I want expect that it leans AWAY from you when you walk with it!

No drain.  No cup holders.

No wheels!  Ouch for my back!

This is just a big boring box!

Please help!  Thank you!