Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Marian Meditation #2: Her Eloquence

I am certain that Our Blessed Mother had the virtue of eloquence.  To have eloquence is to have the gift of certain and effective language.  It is to be beautifully persuasive and peacefully articulate.

How could the Mother of God NOT had this beautiful trait, right? 

I am sure that she spoke like a mother from the very beginning, even before Jesus' birth.  I am sure that her words calmed all of Joseph's fears when they were traveling on donkey to Nazareth and when they had to choose a stable to give birth in.  I am sure that her words soothed anyone that she spoke to, and that those words revealed the innermost workings of her beautiful mind and heart.

Because she spoke beautifully, others around her were inspired to greatness.  Of this I am certain.

Mary remained on earth for many years after Jesus' death to encourage the early start of the Church.  She no doubt did this with her words and actions.

So, as I prepare for the birth of our child in just a few weeks, what I need to be mindful of are my word choices.  In particular, I must very selective of my words on the day of delivery.  The sentences we speak are powerful and influential and can shape our reality.  And I want our reality to be BEAUTIFUL on that day! 

I want it to be just a serene as the animal stable that Mary gave birth in.  Animal stables are not places of serenity on their own, but that particular stable BECAME a place of peace and serenity because of Who was present!  And Mary's eloquence reflected this truth!

I have seen how my words can uplift my husband to greatness, but I have also seen how my words have discouraged me.  Fortunately, I have a husband who catches them and immediately alerts me to their falsehood.  He'll remind me that I'm a Goddard and that Goddards can do anything!

But that, really, can be applied to ALL of God's children.  We are all called to greatness, and if we speak like we know this truth, this will BECOME our truth.

God always asks things of us that we think are beyond ourselves.  But He always asks us to do things of which we are capable.  Trusting and believing in this, I am going to shape my words to reflect the  beautiful truths that will be revealed on the day of our baby's birth.  I will be strong, patient, and positive.  I will be peaceful and focused and willing to do God's will for this baby, no matter how it hurts.

Like Mary, I will choose my words carefully on that day (and in these days leading up to it) and allow those words to reflect the most beautiful inner workings of my mind and heart.  And to the fearful thoughts that sometimes creep into my mind, I will give no voice!