Monday, July 23, 2012

My New Thumb Ring

I've always wanted a simple gold band as a thumb ring, but gold can be soooo expensive, as you know.

Something as simple as this can cost $70 - $100.  Crazy!

When we were in Italy for our honeymoon, yellow gold was even MORE expensive than it is here.  Something like this could have a $170 price tag, easily.

But the other day while in Kmart, my luck was about to change.

I spotted this little thin gold band for 70% off.  It sat by its lonesome in the clearance section and fit just perfectly on my thumb.

And while the guy at the jewelry counter had no magnifying glass for me use, a quick trip to the bug box section of the toy aisle gave me the all magnification that I needed.

This little ring was not gold-plated or gold-tone.  Indeed, the band was stamped with 10K.  For $18, I walked out with an awesome new piece!

The unique thing about yellow gold is that is very soft.  The ring is already shaping itself to the contours of my thumb, and it's dented in several places now, becoming a souvenir of my attempts to try and collapse strollers.  :)