Monday, July 23, 2012

Our Niece Addie's 2nd Birthday Party!

On Saturday, we celebrated our niece Addison's second birthday!  She is Michael's Goddaughter!

Michael's brother Terry, his wife Cindy, and their girls Maeve and Natalie came up from Maryland for the pool party in Andrew and Jen's backyard.

And, of course, Michael's parents were present.  It was great for the whole family to be together!

On the same day in Margate, New Jersey, someone else's birthday was being celebrated.  Festivities were underway to honor Lucy the Elephant who is now 131 years old!

Since Addie loves Lucy and just visited her for the first time when we were on vacation a few weeks ago, Michael and I gave Addie a stuffed elephant from the Build-a-Bear Workshop and made our own fancy birth certificate.  She seemed to love it!

We spent our time eating delicious food and lounging out pool-side.  What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon in the Summertime!

My precious niece Natalie just LOVED the chocolate icing on her cupcake!

Maeve was looking cute in her sun-gear!