Sunday, July 29, 2012

Please Advise.

I need your creative help, dear readers.  And I have a confession to make.

Here it goes:

I haven't printed a single photograph since 2005.  Help me.

Life has gotten too digital, too busy, and too fast.

I snap TONS of photos every month to document our lives, and yet I haven't taken the time to archive them properly, let alone get them printed.

Ashamedly, I'm overwhelmed by the thousands of digital wedding photos we have, and I have no idea how to begin selecting and printing the ones we might want.  God help me!

But thank God for this blog.  Because of it, at least SOME of my photographs have been uploaded here since 2008.

But the trouble is that I lose resolution when I upload to Blogger, and now I can't even print my words.  A year or two ago, I had figured out a code online which would allow me to see ALL my postings between certain dates, and then I could print those postings to paper with one swift click.

Of course, this did nothing for the photographs.  But at least I got the words (and a black and white image) on regular paper.  It was something to save.  At least I had something tangible.  And I filled several three-inch binders with it.

Today, however, I have nothing but the pixels you're staring at on your screen.  If Blogger were to go belly-up, so would all records of our lives for the past four years.

Please, dear readers, if you can advise me on what to do, speak up!  I am willing to do whatever and pay whatever amount if someone can tell me of a quick and easy way to (1) regularly print photographs, and (2) regularly print my blogs.

In desperate need of help,