Monday, July 23, 2012

Thank you, God!

It's time once again to praise God and thank my beloved St. Philomena!

At today's appointment with my doctor, I learned that Baby Goddard is already pointed head-down in preparation for delivery!  Praise God!  This is a dream come true because my pregnancy books said it could happen this week but will most likely happen in the coming weeks.  Who knows when it happened, but at least it did!

Although our baby is not yet technically "engaged" (or poised for delivery), the doctor does not feel that he or she will move from this head-down position.  In the coming weeks, Baby will simply get lower and lower into my pelvis.  Hooray! my doctor interpreted the results from the ultrasound that was done on my leg by the vein specialist.  If you recall from this blog posting, I have been worried about the blood clot that has developed in my leg.  Each day, I rub the Oil of St. Philomena onto it and pray for her intercession, that God might hear his little saint's prayers and heal me.

I have been living on Faith, realizing that my veins have never been in my control but always have been in God's.  And today, I got somewhat of a new, more positive diagnosis.  Ah, the answer to my prayers!

My obstetrician told me not to worry about the condition of my leg.  It wasn't necessary, she said, to call it a "blood clot" (even though the vein specialist did in person) because, she emphasized, the blockage was not deep in a vein but rather in a superficial, more outer location (which is what the vein specialist also said).   

Thrombosis (a blockage) can either be deep in a vein (when it is then called a "blood clot") or in an outer, smaller vein (when it is then simply called superficial thrombosis and thus not called a "blood clot").  Maybe it's a technicality on word use, but regardless, it brought me joy and peace!

Although I do have reflux in my right leg veins (this being the "leaky valves" that the vein specialist mentioned) my obstetrician feels confident that such a condition will go away after this pregnancy.  Praise be to God!

I skipped out of the office today, praising God for this miracle, and thanking my little St. Philomena for her love and prayers.