Monday, July 23, 2012

The Song I'm Currently Obsessed With

Every once in a while, I get obsessed with a song.

When I hear it, I'll drop everything that I'm doing, and all the blood will rush to my ears.  I become completely absorbed by the music, and my entire body will hang on every note.  Then I'll anticipate certain notes that are upcoming in the song; and, when they hit -- it's euphoria. 

When the song is over, I feel like I just had the best time of my life.  I think, for a moment, about replaying the song a dozen more times...or I'll consider just sitting there in silence, feeling the amazing lingering effects of what I just heard.

Why is this?  Why do some songs effect me so profoundly, yet most strike me with boring indifference?  Occasionally, some songs will even repel me and send me clamoring for the "thumbs-down" icon on Pandora so that I might never have the torture of hearing that again.   And it all seems to have to do with the combination of notes used.

It makes me think of Bio-Resonance Frequency Therapy, which is a fascinating concept, just like music, sound, and tone therapies.  Certain notes to certain people are literally craved.  And the effects of those sounds upon the individual can be not only satisfying but also highly therapeutic.

I realize that Goyte's hit "Somebody That I Used to Know," is simple and probably something that you'll perceive with moderate pleasure and possible indifference.  But for me, it's amazing.  And I can't understand why!
It's time for me to hit re-play!  :)