Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Bookstore Kind of Girl

I am such a bookstore kind of girl.

Tonight, while Michael was at the movies with a bunch of his guy friends, I indulged in a favorite Lisa past time:  I set up shop in the cafe of Barnes and Noble.

There's something so relaxing about sitting at a table by yourself, the whirling sound of the espresso machine in the background, working hard.

There's plenty of people to watch, yes, but there's also great books to read and endless celebrity magazines to flip through.  My hands have already gathered a varied collection of them on my table, I've noticed.

I find myself excitedly overwhelmed by whether or not I should start with a little blogging on my laptop or skip straight to my ultimate goal of finishing my thank-you notes to those who bought our baby gifts.

Or maybe I will leave my table for a moment and wander off to the two sections of the store which give me the greatest inspiration:  the European travel section and the blank journal section.  While standing in those places, I feel a new sense of freedom, like the entire world is at my fingertips. 

Speaking of travel and diaries, have I told you lately that I'm still obsessing over our trip to Italy?  Our honeymoon was this month a year ago and yet, more recently, I can't stop thinking about it.  Every moment of that trip is crystal clear in my mind, and I repeat parts of the journey in my mind each day.  It's fantastic what the mind can do.

Am I doing this now because I realize that life is about to change once Baby is here?  Maybe.  Probably.  But so what?  No matter what phase of life I'm in, I'll always make time to dream.  I'll always be youthful because I will always view the world with wonder and awe at what more there is to experience.

But for now, I thank God for the dilemma of indecision between choosing a celebrity magazine or brushing over a few pages of this classic novel that I hold in my hands.  And then I realize that there is something even more to be thankful for:  that something as simple as this can make me just as happy.  :)