Thursday, August 23, 2012

He Has Heard Us!

Dear Reader, do you fully realize and appreciate the power of your own prayers to God?

I am astounded by them, as I have been feeling the enormously wonderful effects of your prayers (and God's responding benevolence) each time I have asked you to pray for me.

I had recently asked you to please wrap Baby and I in protective prayer, that my rising blood pressure would decrease and that Baby and I would not be at risk for pre-eclampsia, a risky set of complications which women can often experience at this time of their pregnancy (and which is often first noticed by a rising blood pressure).

I assumed that, at best, perhaps my readers would offer up a very short prayer on our behalf.  I realized that, with the busyness of life, this prayer might be brief, only momentary, and perhaps easily forgotten soon thereafter.

But it would still be something.  It would still be something that God would hear, I believed.  And it was better than nothing.  So that's why I asked it of you.

And, thanks to your heartfelt prayers and God's Fatherly response to them, at today's appointment my blood pressure was the best it has EVER BEEN IN MY LIFE.  It was an outstanding 116 / 72.

This, dear reader, is the effect of those little prayers.  Each one of you, offering up a short prayer for Baby and me, has resulted IN THIS.

It is powerful.  It is miraculous.  And it is a testament to the fact that Our Father hears us, especially when we care enough to pray for someone other than ourselves.

Please, dear reader, allow me to return the favor.  Tell me what I can ask Our Father for on your behalf.  I know that it must please Him greatly to see His children working together to ask of Him the blessings He wishes to bestow.