Saturday, August 25, 2012

Friends Visit from New Jersey and North Carolina!

I am so blessed to have such good friends!

Yesterday afternoon, Chris and Clare visited from New Jersey.  And Meg visited from North Carolina!

Michael wasn't home from work yet, so we ate an early dinner out back on the deck.

Little Clare went absolutely nuts over my pregnant belly, it having doubled in size since she saw me last.  And, for the first time, she finally got to feel Baby move!  She was thrilled.  :)

After lots of good conversations, laughter, and story-telling, it was soon time for us to part ways.  The three of them would be traveling to Harrisburg for a holy hour.  The ever-thoughtful Meg had organized this event, bringing together tons of people to pray for the departed soul of our friend Shaun.

If I weren't so pregnant and in need of staying near the hospital, I would have surely gone with them, so I promised to be with them all in Spirit.