Thursday, August 30, 2012

Golden Retriever Saves Owners' Lives

Associated Press (AP) -- Canines have an innate ability to detect trouble.  And that's just what Macy the golden retriever did this week.

In the middle of the night, she suspected that something was very, very wrong. 

"She woke me first by whimpering and then by fiercely tapping her tail on the side of our bed," Lisa Goddard explained.  "It was a loud thumping sound that you just couldn't ignore."

But Goddard tried to.  And so did her husband.  Both grumbled and rolled over.  It was 3 AM, after all.

But the family dog knew that trouble was brewing.  She inched her nose over the side of the bed, insisting that at least one of her owners get up.  So Lisa did.

"I kept asking her what was wrong but couldn't figure it out," Goddard admitted.  "I took her outside, and while she seemed appreciative of the cool, night air, that wasn't her concern."  Goddard then offered the dog food (which she refused) followed by water (which she accepted).

The dog would not let Goddard return to bed.  She was still not content.  As Goddard now laid on the living room couch half-asleep, Macy continued to pace back and forth, frequently returning to the bedroom, trying to awaken Goddard's husband, Michael (although she had no success).

"Finally, I noticed that Macy was panting pretty heavily," Goddard explained.  "I also began to notice that it was pretty darn hot in our house."

So Goddard went to the thermostat.  And the dog seemed relieved.  Sure enough, the HEAT had accidentially been turned on.  Oops.

"In a matter of hours, we would have been well-cooked, over-done, and crispy," Goddard explained amid grateful tears.  "We could have roasted to our deaths, if it weren't Macy."

Ever thankful, Goddard immediately switched on the air conditioner and opened several windows.  Goddard's husband, who was bathed in his own sweat, was thankfully still sound asleep and oblivious. 

"By morning, he should be cool and comfortable," Goddard figured.  And he was.  A crisis was averted and lives were saved, thanks to the good ol' family dog.