Monday, August 06, 2012

Leading by Serving

At mass today, the Gospel reading taught us that the best kind of leaders are servant-leaders. 

They lead by serving others.  This is just what Jesus did, and this is what we are called to do as Christians.

With this fresh in my mind, I was so honored to notice that my husband is already leading our little family by being a servant to us. 

On Friday night, he saw that I was wearing my pajamas with a sad face, craving a bowl of cereal, yet visibly disappointed to have no milk in the refrigerator. 

So he volunteered to go to the store at 9 PM -- and came back with a week's full of groceries, sparing me from the trip this week!

On Saturday morning, he was up early to mow the lawn.  And he did other home improvement things for me around the house.

Tonight, he stayed up much too late to assemble our child's bassinet.  He had to get it just perfect before going to bed.  He is such a good daddy!

Dear Jesus, thank you for giving me a man who is the servant-leader of our family.  Please bless him abundantly.  Please help me to better serve him!