Saturday, August 04, 2012

My Beloved Hermit Crabs


Would you believe that it's been TWELVE YEARS since God awakened in my heart a huge love for hermit crabs?

Yes, it was the Spring of 2000 (my junior year at the university) when my college roommate Jalinn suggested that we zip off to the beach for the day during Finals Week.  I had no idea that my life was about to change.  I was about to encounter one of my life's favorite hobbies!

It was a Tuesday, and neither one of us had an exam to take that day.  Plus, we were tired of studying.  We needed something fun to do.  So off we went.  And before long, we were on the boardwalk, with me being mesmerized by the metal cage of hermit crabs.

I'll never forget that fateful moment when my eyes met with his eye stalks.  I was beholding Ulysses, who would be my first hermit crab ever, the premier trailblazer of a long string of hermit crabs that would bless my life over the next decade.

I gleefully took him home in a little wire cage and promptly spent the next 24 hours on the Internet, educating myself on all things hermit crab.  :)

Ulysses blessed my life for 5 years.  He unfortunately passed away due to a senseless act of cannibalism that took place in the cage unexpectedly.  I was devastated but continue to honor his memory by caring for other hermit crabs. 

Today I shall honor Ulysses' memory by caring for Wilbur (in the white shell) and Winfred (in the blue shell).