Friday, August 03, 2012

Our Sparkling Kitchen and Bathroom!

Once in a while, I splurge and hire a cleaning lady.

The mental uplift of a sparking clean kitchen and bathroom is just as satisfying as when I get my eyebrows waxed.  It's a huge pick-me-up.

Since having someone clean your home is a real frivolous luxury, I think, I only do it about once a year -- and only if I have a good coupon and good reason to use the service.

I blogged already about the pesky shower mold I couldn't get up, and I realize that--being 9 months pregnant--I should probably avoid harsh chemicals and awkward bending.  So I figured it was time to hire someone again!  (The last time I did it was just before the wedding.)

She did an amazing job in both rooms, but--just like me--she struggled with the shower mold.  It has a stubborn mind of its own, and much of it stayed put.  She apologized, explaining that if I hire her to come back regularly, it should gradually begin to lift.

Anyway, cheers to a sparkling clean kitchen and bathroom!  This mamma is happy!  :)