Friday, August 03, 2012

The Hermit Crabs Trade Shells!

What a funny surprise!

Today, when I reached into the hermit crab tank to pull out my little crustation friends for a bath and some exercise, I noticed that they had swapped shells!

Wilbur was wearing Winfred's white shell, and Winfred was wearing Wilbur's greenish blue shell.  I couldn't help but wonder if Wilbur forced this change, given that his blue shell was indeed quite huge, even on him.  But now the slightly smaller Winfred was dealing with the massive shell!  Poor guy!

Perhaps I shouldn't have been surprised.  Now that I think about it, earlier this week I was alarmed to see Winfred demonstrating behavior that I thought was characteristic of Wilbur.  Now this explains it!  The white shell wasn't Winfred at all; it was Wilbur!

Feeling sorry for Winfred and his extra large blue shell, I gave him the opportunity to sit by his lonesome and ponder a smaller blue shell that was much more fitting.

Sure enough, he was grateful for it and made the change!