Monday, August 27, 2012

What I Want, Right After Baby's Born

There will be so much to celebrate (and so many ways to celebrate!) once Baby is here.

Among the hugs and tears and joyful prayers of thanksgiving, one of the ways I want to celebrate is to eat the following:

Salad:  lumpy bleu cheese dressing topped with a little bit of lettuce (and not the other way around)

Bread: long breadsticks from Piero's, dripping in bleu cheese

Main Entree:  a cold liverwurst sandwich on hot buttered toast

Beverage:  Starbucks frozen crushed ice Frappicino

Dessert:  endless chocolate chip cookies

Perhaps this menu sounds like a weird combination of things, but remember:  these are things I haven't been able to enjoy since getting pregnant!  I can't wait to celebrate.  :)