Monday, August 27, 2012

Feeling Desperate

I am CRAVING a chocolate chip cookie. 

I feel like I haven't had one in MONTHS. 

And, actually, that's true. I've substituted with other items of junk food occasionally, but none of them hit the mark.

My heart longs desperately for the joy of a chocolate chip cookie...

And no, this isn't a pregnancy craving; this is just a regularly-occuring Lisa craving.  

I had no exciting or weird cravings during this pregnancy.  Praise God, I also didn't have any exciting mood swings.

And as much as I want to eat an entire dozen of chocolate chip cookies, I'm holding back.

So why do I have this incredible will-power?

While it would be nice to say that I'm holding back because I don't want baby or me to have junk food in our bodies, it is rather for another reason altogether.  If I eat too much junk food now, I'm worried that I'll plump up baby a bit too much and then have the consequence of having to birth out a nine-pounder or something.  Yikes!

And birthing out a large baby is much more challenging than going without chocolate chip cookies for a few months, right?