Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Baker's Dozen

Things I Love About Little Liam:

1.  The fact that he is made from the love of Michael and me and God's love for us.

2.  The little peaceful squeaks he makes as he's falling asleep.

3.  The other little squeaks he makes when he's breastfeeding.

4.  The way he kicks only one leg (or the other) up-and-down, up-and-down when he's excited or eager or a wee bit impatient.

5.  The way his breathing sounds when he's excitedly breastfeeding, and how he almost forgets to come up for air!

6.  The way his hiccups sound like the word "hiccup," and how they go on forever, making him extra cute and drawing attention to him during Sunday mass.

7.  How his big, blue, beautiful eyes move slowly from side to side, taking me all in.

8.  How his little arms and hands prefer to rest on either side of his head, nearly covering his ears.

9.  How his little brow will wrinkle when he is in deep thought.

10.  That occasional smile which lights up his whole face and usually appears only when he's dreaming.

11. The cute little rumbling sounds that happen in his diaper always moments after I've just changed him and which can only make me laugh at his timing!

12. The way he excitedly wiggles his head back and forth just before nuzzling into my breast for feedings.

13.  That little space at the back of his neck, so soft and cute and now covered with a healthy tuft of growing hair (which you can see in the photo in the post below).