Saturday, September 15, 2012

Thousands of Hermit Crabs Rally for Better Education

Associated Press (AP) – This week, thousands of hermit crabs in the southern Florida region rallied together in protest as part of the annual Hermit Crab Convention.  Their concern?  Not enough literature is being published about their proper care, they say.

“Most people have no idea that we have semi-terrestrial gills,” explained Colossus, spokescrab for the Hermit Crab Convention Association (HCCA).  “People buy us as pets, and we ultimately die soon thereafter because no one knows that they need to keep our gills moist.”

Dry gills is a death sentence for a hermit crab, explained crustacean scientist Miss Crabbi, using an informative tri-fold poster display at this year’s convention.  When the gills are not kept moist, hermit crabs die by suffocation.

To save lives, the HCCA organized the march to catch the attention of the media in the hopes of promoting better education to humans.

“It was a great success,” said Colossus in a press release.  “Therefore, we plan to continue the event on a yearly basis until all hermit crabs in captivity have moist gills.”

To learn more, use the hashtag #HermitCrabMarch.  To watch a video of the convention, please visit the link below: