Saturday, September 15, 2012

Good-Bye Mercedes, Hello Nissan Xterra!

Well, parenthood is officially here. 

Today Michael traded in our fun, sporty 2010 red Mercedes for a more family-friendly SUV.

The Mercedes sure was fun to drive while we had it.  We had the C300.  Michael got the car just a few weeks before we met, and I remember thinking that it was a very sexy vehicle when he picked me up in it for the first time.  :)

After we got married, I became the primary driver of the car since my classroom was only a 3-minute commute away.  This kept the miles down and our hopes up that our little piece of luxury might better retain its value.

But with our son Liam now in our lives and me being a stay-at-home mom, we had to rethink our finances and choose something more practical.  Having a high-end car that drinks only the finest gasoline and requires the most expensive parts just didn't make sense for us.  Plus, we needed more SPACE for all our STUFF, and that includes our golden retriever Macy.

Michael's been researching SUVs ever since I got pregnant back in December, and this week he finally decided on the model that was best for us:  the Nissan Xterra.  Please pray that our 2010 model serves us well and keeps our family safe when traveling!