Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Liam's First Mass!

On Grandparents' Day (which was on Sunday, September 9th this year), Little Liam went to his first Mass!  He was exactly one week old.  :)

I woke up so early that morning because I was so crazy excited to show him Our Lord's house and for him to be in the Real Presence!  I also knew that many members of church family would be so excited to meet him!

I put him in a cute little pale blue onesie.

Then we pushed him the stroller across the street to Our Neighbor's house!  Crossing the street to God's house is so blissful.  It feels like just yesterday that I did this on our wedding day!

Michael's parents spent the weekend with us, and every time they are here, they help us to make WONDERFUL improvements to our home!  We are so grateful!  They just LOVE their first grandson.  :)