Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Our Protective Watch Dog

Our golden retriever Macy has adjusted to life well with Liam.  She sniffed me and him a lot when we first got home from the hospital, but then her mommy instincts seemed to immediately kick into gear.  It came so natural to her, obviously because she's mother to so many!  :)

She gets up whenever I do to give Liam a feeding.  It doesn't matter if it's 1 AM, 2 AM, or 3 AM.  And, if I oversleep my alarm, she WAKES me!  It happened last night, in fact.  My alarm went off at the 2-hour mark, reminding me that I ought to wake Liam and initiate breastfeeding again.  But I turned off the alarm and rolled over.  And Macy knew that wasn't good, so she nudged me with her nose and bugged me until I became conscious...and then very grateful.

Please pardon my messy living room!
When I nurse, Macy always sits by me -- looking away from us, to keep guard.  And her awareness is especially heightened when we have visitors.

Yesterday, as she was about to step out the door with my parents for a walk outside, her eyes caught me getting up from the couch, headed to the bathroom (since it was a sudden emergency for me and I couldn't wait).  My urgent departure for the restroom meant that Little Liam was being held by a "stranger" (which was really just our neighbor) and Macy instantly pulled my parents back in and parked herself next to that person, where I had just been.

While in the bathroom, I was surprised to hear my parents return as quickly as they had exited, but I could only be grateful to Macy for being so protective of my little bundle.  :)

Here's Macy passed out this morning.  And no wonder!  We're up all hours of the night, feeding Liam.