Thursday, September 20, 2012

Love in Every Stitch

My friend Rebecca is my Kindred Spirit. 

Why?  Because somehow our hearts beat the same.  We understand and love each other immensely, and no distance between us can change that.  Even though she lives in North Carolina, we're as close as Anne of Green Gables and her best friend Diana.  Becky is the sister I always wished I had, and although she has a tons of sisters of her own, she has given herself to me as a sister! 

I am the Godmother of her two sons and will soon have the privilege of being Godmother to her unborn child.  What a blessing God has given me with the gift of Rebecca.  In a few months, Michael and I will be flying to North Carolina to meet this new precious child and to embrace our beloved Godchildren!

This week she surprised us with a handmade gift for Little Liam.  In every crochet stitch, and I can feel the love she has for us and our child.  The blanket is such a pretty soft yellow, and Liam just loves cuddling into it already.  Thank you, my dearest Kindred!