Friday, September 21, 2012

Mamas of Boys

Lija with her son Julians!
I've recently joined a new club.

It's the Mamas of Boys Club, and every mama that's a mama of a boy is in it.  :)

Lija says it's awesome.  Becky says there's no other club she'd rather be in.  Britta just renewed her membership with the addition of a second boy.  Marjorie is raising two little men also!  Kristin is a long-time standing member, having giving birth to four little gentlemen!

I imagine frogs in the pockets, muddy shoes, and squirmy things in bug boxes.

There will be firetrucks and race cars and learning to pee while aiming for Cheerios floating in the toilet bowl.

I'm excited to be in this club, and I'm grateful to have enthusiastic friends in it already.  And I'm even more excited to watch Liam grow into the man I know he will be.  I will train him to embrace his manhood with virtue, to treat women with reverence and respect, to protect those that he loves, to provide for those who are in need, and to lead those that surround him to holiness.  It's gonna be a great journey.  :)

Here's Britta with her son Xavier...and, at this moment, she's unknowingly pregnant with her second son!

Here's Marjorie with her sons Christopher and Andrew!
Here's Pearl with her sweet son Zion!