Friday, September 21, 2012

My Pre-Natal Vitamins

These are the prenatal vitamins I take once daily.  I started them at 6 weeks pregnant, under the advice of my doctor.  And I'll continue them through this breastfeeding year.

One is a pill; the other is a capsule.  I'm grateful for their small, easy-to-swallow size.

The brand is Prefera OB + DHA.

My nutritionist at the health food store would probably be upset at me for settling for what he would surely call a money-hungry drug company's synthetic rendition that the body won't absorb anyhow.  He'd scold me for taking something that probably has other ingredients that are poisonous or cancer-causing, because the FDA permits such things in small amounts.

And while I loved the prenatal vitamins he gave me and do credit them for priming my body for conception, my doctor was concerned about the other, herbal ingredients -- and was definitely against Vitamin A, explaining how such a thing is hard for a baby's body to process and should not be contained in a prenatal vitamin.

The all-natural, organic, and expensive vitamins that I've gotten from the health food store are fantastic, but they certainly rev my body up.  They'd be great if I were about to run a marathon or retake the SAT, but otherwise I usually don't appreciate the heightened awareness and ability to think and process things so rapidly.  Those, to me, feel like racing thoughts, and I prefer not to have them.

So the little purple pill and tiny red capsule are my prenatal vitamins of choice.  :)