Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Push Present!

Last night Michael surprised me with a little black box from Littman's!  Inside was my "push present," he explained as he smiled widely.

The tradition began long ago in England that a father would give his wife a special piece of jewelry to commemorate the birth of their first born son, essentially thanking her for the 9 months of pregnancy and the pains of labor. 

Later, the tradition grew to include first born daughters and then it grew to include any child, regardless of gender or birth order.

A similar tradition arose long ago in India, and today it has gained much popularity in the United States.

What girl wouldn't like a little baby bauble after such hard work, right?  :)

The necklace Michael chose for me is made of 14-karat white gold, and it contains a mother and son embracing in the shape of a heart.  Where their faces meet is a little white diamond, and at the bottom of the heart is a beautiful light blue topaz.

What a perfect gift for a baby boy born in September!  The birthstone for September is blue, and the stones associated with babies born on a Sunday is both the diamond and topaz.  How perfect!