Friday, September 28, 2012

What's in My Diaper Bag

I used to love fashion magazine articles that showed the contents of a celebrity's handbag.  "What essentials does she carry around with her?" we all wondered.  And then we'd run out and buy the exact same lip gloss, the exact same tube of SPF, and maybe even try the same candies or gum.

Silly girls.  But little's changed for me.  Now that I'm a mom, I just wanna know what everybody's carrying around in their diaper bags instead.  :)

So please, mommies, share with me your baby essentials that you don't leave home without!  And here are the contents of mine:

For Breastfeeding:

1. an udder cover
2. a washcloth to catch drips
3. a burp cloth to catch spit-up
4. bottle of water for my hydration
5. fruit snacks to give me energy

For Diaper Changing:

1. changing pad
2. bottom wipes
3. five diapers
4. portable Diaper Genie with bags

For Entertainment:

1. rattle

For Warmth:

1. a hat
2. a blanket
3. a change of clothes

For Other Needs:

1. pack of tissues
2. organic stain remover spray
3. hand wipes
4. antibacterial hand gel

Can you think of anything else that I should carry?