Sunday, September 30, 2012


Seventeen is a lovely number.

It's prime, so it only has two factors.  It's only divisible by one and itself.

It's also the name of a fun fashion magazine that brings back good memories of high school.

And it was also a great age for me.  I got my license that year, and so many fun things happened when I was 17.

And while I'm almost double that number now, the number 17 continues to serve me well.  I'm writing this down so that I remember for the future....and to maybe help you out, if you happen to be pregnant.  :)

When you're newly pregnant and feeling nauseous, just hang in there until Week 17.   For me, that's when the nausea and exhaustion ended and I was back to feeling like my normal self.  It was the most welcome, blessed change ever!

And when you're newly breastfeeding, just hang in there until Day 17.  For me, that's when the sleep deprivation ended and the space between feedings became almost guaranteed and definitely predictable.  Praise be to God!

Thank you, 17, for being such a great number.