Tuesday, October 02, 2012

My Little Irish Boy

I'm beginning to think that my little Liam has red hair.

It's no wonder, I guess, since his grandmother and aunt have beautiful and vibrant red, Irish tresses.

Liam is a shortened, Irish form of the name William.  Liam means "strong-willed warrior" and "unwavering protector."  Another source says the name means "resolute protection." 

Liam is a popular boy's name in Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, and Australia.

A lot of people have been asking Michael and I how we came to name our son Liam.  The process was quite simple.  Each of us took some time to page through the baby name book we bought.  We wrote down our favorites.  And Liam was the only name that appeared on BOTH of our lists.

It's funny; Liam was never a name I had considered prior to meeting Michael.  In fact, I never even considered it prior to being pregnant.  But, somehow, when I was newly pregnant with this precious little boy (although not yet knowing that he'd be a boy) and while considering Michael the entire time, I felt distinctively at home and at peace and incredibly calmed by the thought of having a son named Liam. 

Interestingly, the thought of having a son named Liam was not something I could ponder without first pondering being married to Michael.  In other words, I conceived of this name in much the same way as I conceived of this child: my thoughts were first focused on loving Michael.  Indeed, both the boy himself and his name of Liam were an offspring of my affections toward his father.  Isn't that delightful?  No wonder he is an extension of us, the offspring of our love!  :)