Tuesday, October 02, 2012

When you talk to a baby...

Our little bug loves variety.

Last night, when I was making dinner, I could tell that my little buddy didn't want to be far from my side.

He was so curious and interested in whatever it was I was doing.

So I brought his little swing out into the kitchen and gave him the play-by-play of everything that I was doing up on the counter. 

He loves listening to and watching me.  And I know he loves it when I talk about his Dad and how much he's loved by him.

When you talk to a baby, you have a simple yet beautiful one-sided conversation.  And the conversation reveals so much of the beauty of your inner self.  The simple things of life that you choose to share with a baby really do reveal a beautiful part of an adult person's self which so rarely has the opportunity to shine.

I am so grateful for the conversations I've been able to have with Liam.  He makes me a better person!