Saturday, October 27, 2012

Oh, Blogging!!

Oh, blogging, how I miss you!

Although I am always writing in my head, mommyhood is keeping me quite busy (but, fortunately, not less reflective).

My hands are unable to reach the fingers are unable to jot a note on a Post-It...all because they're so tied up holding and caring for my precious son Liam!

I am LOVING being Liam's mother and all that the vocation entails, but I am adjusting to the fact that not every memory we experience together can be written about.

Not every thought that I think can be archived for future reference and reminiscence.

It makes me sad to think that some things might be forgotten, but I am grateful to be in this new phase of my life.  I am grateful for life to be so FULL of beautiful events that archiving it all becomes impossible.  And so I am being selective, working on developing my memory, trying to remember tiny details, internalizing the life lessons that God gives me, and hoping that I store them well for retrieval later on.

And I like to retrieve frequently.  I'm a sentimental girl.  I look back often --  but look ahead just as much.  :)

So instead, if you haven't noticed, my blog will probably be more photos than reflective writing.  But that's OK!  A picture is worth a thousand words.

P.S.  Guess how many hours it took for me to complete this blog posting.  Eight!