Saturday, October 27, 2012

Two New Mommies Venture Outdoors!

Yesterday I went to the Weeuseables Children's Consignment Event!  It happens four times a year in our area, and it's just fantastic.  There are so many high quality items for dirt cheap.  And there's so much stuff that it fills a whole expo center!

My friend Jenna had her baby just two weeks after me.  She and her handsome 5-week old son Joseph made their debut all-day outing with us!  Jenna was so nervous about taking her newborn out, worrying that breastfeeding on-the-go might be a challenge.

But I assured her that we would enjoy the day leisurely, stop for feedings whenever one of our boys needed it (no matter where we were), and just progress calmly and without a set schedule.

So we met in a local parking lot at 10:30 AM, and while this might seem like a late start-time, it isn't when you have a newborn who likes to feed, pee, and poop constantly.  :)

We loaded up car seats, strollers, and diaper bags; then both of us settled into the front seat of the SUV, each of us wearing our super-mommy capes to cover our udders.  Our boys settled in for a 20-minute feeding.  And then it was time to change diapers again, a process which takes 10 more minutes when you've got to first figure out how to lay down a changing pad and decide where the wipes and dirty diaper should be set, given that there's two car seats now and double the amount of stuff to push aside.

Then we departed.  Then we remembered we were starving.  So we pulled over at Issac's.  But first we would each have to do another 20-minute feeding.  And then a 10-minute diaper change.

And, after we ate, it was time for our hungry, growing boys to eat again.  And this, of course, is followed by a dirty diaper which needs to be changed.  So.... +30 minutes again.

Finally, we were on the road again and eventually arrived at the consignment event!

But, as our minds and hands were eager to open the entrance doors and get our shop on, the boys reminded us that they were growing.  And growing boys need to eat!  So, first we would have to feed in the front seat again.  And then we'd have to change diapers before we could unfold the strollers and strap on our carriers.  Pack and unpack.  Load and unload.  Change and re-change.  Ah, the life of a mommy!

Eventually, we shopped.  And boy, did we make out well!  I got so many awesome things for just a few dollars each.  For $1, I got a large mirror to hang above the car seat.  For $5, I picked up a bed rail for my mother-in-law (who wanted it for the grandchild's room at their house).  For $4, I picked up a floor mat and jungle gym for Liam.  My favorite find, though, was a $12 BabyBjorn carrier (that retails for $159).  And I brought home tons more, including a sporty, orange and navy Nike windbreaker.  Cha-ching!

It was a great day.  And thank God Michael got us an SUV.  After eight hours, we were finally home.  :)