Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Baptism Party

Sorry it took me a while to post a blog about Liam's baptism party!  But here it is!

If you remember, Liam wore a vintage Christening gown that is a 93-year-old family heirloom, worn by so many people in our family.

He also wore another family heirloom: a hand-sewn white sweater set, complete with a matching bonnet, blanket, and booties, each adorned with beautiful white ribbons.

But for the party that we threw after the ceremony, our handsome little boy would wear something else.  His Grandmother Goddard got him an adorable pale blue outfit from the child's boutique Janie and Jack, and his Grandmother Gorman gave him two handmade items to wear: blue and white baby booties and a bracelet (reminiscent of the one I wore in the hospital when I was born) that said, "God bless Liam."

We had the Baptism party at the same place that Mom had my baby shower this past Summer.  The Udder Choice is this old-fashioned ice cream and sandwich shop that's inside an old barn.  Here's some pictures from the day!

Grandma Goddard made the favors!  They were delicious sugar cookies in the shape of a cross with Liam's initial on it!
Karly and Noah are my cousin's children and thus my second cousins and Liam's third cousins!  (Right?)

Liam's Godfather Terry is looking quite proud!  Liam is he and Godmother Jennifer's first and only Godchild.  :)

My mother and Aunt Paula!

Newlyweds Maria and Andy!
My Aunt Paula holds our bundle of joy!
My Godmother Tess is thus Liam's Great Godmother!  (Right?)

Michael's mother wrapped our flower pots in beautiful baby blue tissue paper with white ribbons!

My Aunt Maryann and cousin Kathy!

Kathy and her husband Blaine!

Grandma was astounded by the size of the slices of cake the staff was sending home with people!
The oldest and youngest in the room!
Michael's high school friend Dennis came all the way down from Boston to see Liam baptized!
Now a child of God, Liam was very happy to end his busy day and come home to the comfort and security of his little blue bassinet!
One of the best gifts that Liam got was from his Grandparents Gorman!  A personalized Christmas ball!  How precious!