Friday, October 12, 2012

The Intertwining of Vocations

One of the things I have to remember is that, although I now have the new vocation of Motherhood, it does not make me any less responsible toward others as my role of Wife, Daughter, and Child of God.

In fact, I will be a better Mother if I am a better Daughter.  If I am a better Daughter, then I will be a better Wife.  And if I am a better Wife, then I will be a better Child of God. 

It is humbling to notice that I neglect each of my vocations sometimes, just by my own weaknesses.  It is humbling to realize how many flaws I still have, very present and very glaring.   Lord, please heal those I hurt when I neglect my vocations.

It is no wonder that I need God's mercy and the love of my family.  And, even as I hopefully become a better person as I grow and age, my need for forgiveness, love, and mercy will never end.

I am humbled.  And I hope I never forget.