Monday, October 15, 2012

The Trees

We are eternal beings, remember.  We're just passing through.

Knowing this, I've often thought about the things that I'd miss most about this life on earth.

High among them is the trees.  I believe that trees are one of the very best things that this world has to offer.

I feel protected by them, somehow.  Maybe it's their height.  Maybe it's the shade they offer us.  Maybe it's how sturdy and stable they are.  Maybe it's the fact that they can provide so much to humanity and are therefore one of our most treasured resources, our very best friends in foliage.

They give a brilliant fire its fuel, filling the air with an aroma that invigorates our senses.  They beautify the landscape that my eyes behold.  At this time of year, their leaves flash with vibrant color and cascade to the ground, crunching under my feet and making Autumn the most sensual of seasons.

Yes, the trees are one of the things that I'd miss most at the end of my life.  My son is just beginning his life, and yet I can already see within him a deep appreciation for these tall friends of mine.

His eyes look up at them through our window.  He searches for them when we're outside.  These are simple observations, but they are always present in my child, overflowing with a sense of wonder and awe that only a young person can produce.

Tonight he even peered up and over my shoulder toward the closed mini-blinds in our window, remembering that just outside in our front yard, there are two powerful beauties hovering over us with their protective arms.

Maybe this is just the human experience.  Maybe we all love trees.  A tree is a majestic beauty, and I am so glad that my son has noticed.  Just imagine how thrilled he will be when we welcome one into our home in December!