Monday, October 01, 2012

Wardrobe Change!

This girl is about to radically change her wardrobe. 

It's not because of the season.

And it won't be a change of style.

It's not a change of taste.

Nor is it a change of size, really, because (praise God!) I am thankfully able to fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans. 

Rather, it will be a change of form.

A change of design.

A new structure of fashion architecture.

This isn't a passing trend that will be over in two months.  Rather, it's a change will last for about a year.

So what it is it, you ask?

Well, the upper half of my wardrobe pieces need to all be button-down now.  Or everything ought to be V-neck or have a plunging neckline or stretchy fabric that makes whipping out a boob easy.

I'm not trying to be sultry or seductive.  This isn't about being lascivious or bawdy.  Rather, I'm just trying to breastfeed, and I'm thinking about what will simultaneously make things easy, yet also keep me modest.  Exposing my belly while attempting to shove Liam under a sweater just will not do.

Pray with me, dear reader, that as I evaluate my wardrobe pieces with new eyes, I may be inspired to donate to Goodwill what I don't want.  And pray also that Michael, in his great generosity, will suggest a little shopping spree!  ;)