Monday, November 19, 2012

Our Little Football Fan

Whenever possible, we try not to have Liam watch any television.

Once in a while, though, his eyes do catch a few minutes of EWTN.  And I'm OK with this since learning about our Catholic faith can never happen too early.  :)

But, when Michael's watching football, our little guy works very hard to move turn his head and keep his eyes glued to the screen.  Haha!

So, the other night during a Notre Dame game, we turned Liam's chair so that he couldn't see the television but would rather watch Daddy's facial expressions while sitting on the couch.  That should be enough entertainment, right?

However, Dad got SO ANIMATED by the game, that he kept leaping off the couch to get closer to the TV, leaving poor little Liam with nothing to look at except for maybe the wall or window, unless he uncomfortably attempted to turn his head 120-degrees to the side.

Case in point:

And although Little Liam's chair sides prevented him from turning his head adequately enough to catch the game, our bright little boy came up with something even more clever.  He would simply watch the game on TV by looking at the reflection in the window!  No wonder he was so content!

Check it out:

Once we realized this, Michael happily concluded that we do indeed have a die-hard Notre Dame fan on our hands!  Haha!

And Notre Dame won that night.  Daddy and son couldn't have been happier.  :)