Monday, December 31, 2012


I'm going to miss this.

Breastfeeding my son is such a precious, special time for the two of us.  It's so wholly bonding.  It is such a sweet time to savor.

Even when I'm trying to get things done around the house and don't necessarily feel like sitting down at that moment to feed him, as soon as I do, I'm reminded of the thousand reasons why I love this.

Liam often looks up at me while he's feeding, and those big blue eyes of his gaze at mine with an innocence and a love that is beyond telling.

His happy suckling squeaks and his relaxed breathing patterns slow me down.  And, for those moments, we're living in the moment.  And nothing could make me happier.

His little coos and gentle gulps are parted with little relaxed expressions of "Eh!" which tell me that he's extremely happy and oh-so-relieved that we are sitting down together, just being mother and son.

Sometimes he'll even smile while feeding, and he'll be so happy that his lips will part and the air will rush in--and then we're sure to need to burp soon.  At other times, his eyes will roll up and toward the back of his head--just for a moment, when we first begin--because he is so grateful.

One warm, clammy little hand will glide playfully over the skin on my neck while his other little hand will grip lovingly onto my side and then later sneak its way up into my armpit.  His fingers will dance as he drinks, completely unaware of everything else in this world (including his own mannerisms), except for me, his focus.

I have only two more months to savor this precious mother-and-son time before solid foods will start to be incorporated into Liam's diet.  As his independence grows, his dependence on me will lessen.  Oh, grow up slowly, my dear child!