Monday, December 31, 2012

Proof that My Dad was Here!

Whenever my father comes to visit us, he always leaves evidence. 

It's left in the form of a paper cup, resting oddly among the dirty dishes that will soon make their way into the sink.

Such proof of his presence makes things easier.  It helps us to realize things like this when we walk in the door:

"Oh, the dog must have been walked!" we'll say.

Or, "The hermit crabs have been watered!"

Or, "He must have already gotten the mail!"

So why does my dad leave this evidence of his presence?

Why would the paper cup not go directly into the trashcan after its use?

Always well-hydrated, my father downs cupfuls of H20 wherever he is, and at our house he selects a paper cup, so as to spare us of one more dish to do. 

"And I thought I was going to have another, but I didn't!" Dad will admit.

Ah, thanks, Dad.  We always appreciate your help, and I always love seeing the funny evidence that you've been here for us.  :)