Saturday, December 01, 2012

Eight Girlfriends Come to Visit Liam!

I feel so loved...and so does Liam!  This week EIGHT of my girlfriends came to visit us.  What a treasure each of these friendships are to me!

Maria arrived first.  She always brings with her the gift of story-telling, and I can always empathize with what she says.  We took a stroller walk to downtown Lititz to enjoy breakfast sandwiches and browse a few consignment shops.

Abby arrived second.  A dear friend since high school, she always brings with her the gift of her happiness and liveliness!  I always enjoy time with my Abby-baby!  And Liam just loved her!

Karen arrived third.  She's a math teacher like I was, and she always brings with her the gifts of wit and humor!  I can always relate to everything she says, and she often has me cracking up.  She just loved Liam!  Here they are, hanging out in the jungle:

Becca arrived fourth.  She was our natural childbirth instructor, so she always comes bearing the gifts of knowledge and experience.  She's such a good mother and full of great wisdom to share with new mothers!  Her 3-year-old son Nate was a true delight.  Here she is, holding Liam!

Erica arrived fifth.  She always brings with her the gift of excitement, enthusiasm, and unconditional joy.  She also came bearing helpful hands, making the trip to the grocery store so much easier -- and so much more fun!

Jalinn arrived sixth.  Perhaps she knows me the best of any of the girls, for she and I were college roommates, and--before that--friends in high school.  She brought with her the gift of reminiscence, and we had so much fun going down memory lane!  Her 3-year-old son Brody was just so adorable!  She's a great mom, and she had me laughing, too!

Channing arrived seventh.  She always brings with her the gift of faith.  I learn so much about Our Lord from her!  Whenever Michael is asked to travel for work, we have a sleepover!

Angela arrived eighth.  She always comes bearing the gift of a brilliant smile and the gift of transparency, which makes relating to her so easy, real, and true.

Thank You, God, for these and all the friendships You've blessed me with!