Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Liam with Dr. Satorie

Here's Liam with my obstetrician, Dr. Satorie! 

She just looooved seeing him when I went in for my annual appointment the other week. 

She couldn't believe how much he's grown since the day he was born!

In this photograph, he had recently turned 2 months old.

What a cutie pie!  (Am I biased, or what?!)

Dr. Satorie is the one who gave us the great idea to dress Liam up as a little green pea pod for Halloween.

So, I was sure to arrive with a picture of him in his Halloween costume.  She just loved it and asked if she could keep it, so I obliged her!

Dr. Satorie admitted that she thinks of Liam, Michael, and I just about every day. 

This is because she waves to my father on almost a daily basis when she drives home from work, since my dad is a gate guard in her community.

What a small, lovely world.