Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Phone Calls from Great Grandmom

Liam is loved by soooo many, but his Great Grandmother shows her affection for him in a most thoughtful way.

Several times a week, she'll call and ask to speak to Liam.

No matter what we're doing, we stop and listen to Great Grandmom on the phone.

With great grandmotherly care, she'll gently remind him of who she is, tell him how much she loves him, and explain how excited she is for his next visit to her house.

Little Liam listens to the voice coming from the phone with interest, and a part of me feels that he may very well know that it is her.

What a special joy it is to have my grandmother still living to shower her love and affection on my son.

Although she may sometimes be forgetful at nearly age 96, she never forgets to make her family members feel loved!