Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Our Grabby (Not Crabby!) Baby

Last week for the first time, we started handing loose toys to Liam.  At the time, he was just one week shy of turning 3 months old.   

We chose to do this because we noticed that he had, in the week prior to that, begun to drool.

The excess saliva, we learned, is his body's way of preparing for the act of teething and the cute white pearlies that will follow.

We also learned that baby's saliva works as an anti-bacterial agent.  What Liam covers with his saliva will actually stay cleaner as a result.  It's like he's coating things with a fancy-shmancy, germ-repelling solvent.  So cool.

Incredibly, when we handed him plastic links and a rattle, his sweet little fingers wrapped themselves around the toys and held on tight.  And then he shook them like crazy and squealed with little boy joy.  Mama and Papa then smiled with parental pride!