Monday, December 03, 2012

Our Little Family's Advent Prayer Time

Michael and I decided that, to truly embrace Advent and better await the feast of Christmas, this year we'd pray the Rosary together as a family each night before bed.  But first, we would light the electronic candle on our Advent wreath which encircles our beautiful statue of the holy family.  And we'd say aloud the daily prayer in the special booklet we received at church.

I did not expect the benefits to be so immediate, but they were.  Our Lady interceded and God gifted us with the sweetest of all the family time that we've ever shared.  Michael held Liam on his lap, I leaned my head on Michael's shoulder, and together the three of us just enjoyed each other's company while praying aloud.  Liam listened, of course, but at times he sang -- which is this precious vocal hum that usually only debuts when I'm singing also or when we're both listening to music.

Our eyes were fixed lovingly on Liam's, and he smiled so profoundly at us.  We felt so proud to be his parents and so proud to have him as our son.  For these 20 precious minutes of family prayer, the three of us just stared at each other, and--for Michael and me--all of our grown-up responsibilities faded away.  It was a brief taste of Heavenly bliss!  It was a little glimpse of the joy that Mary and Joseph must have felt in the stable with baby Jesus!