Monday, December 31, 2012

The Huge Stain

Everything had been fine, just a moment before. 

Liam was sitting on his chair in the kitchen with me.  I was doing the dishes and dancing for him.  He was squealing joyfully, and then...suddenly he began to CRY.

But this cry was a hard, urgent if something was the matter.  But what?

He certainly looked fine, and nothing had happened.  He was just sitting there.  What was wrong?

As I scooped him up, the problem revealed itself. 

His diaper had unexpectedly exploded, cascading a river of hot poop and pee down his leg.  It scared and shocked both of us.  Together we ran to the diaper changing station to help him escape the muck, and then we made a beeline for the warm, soapy suds of the bathtub!